Update #2


I finally have time to do an update about Rob and I.

Rob is doing well, he has started playing dodge ball with the kids:) which is fun for all. His work keeps him busy most nights and he still goes and plays D&D almost every Saturday. Sucks but he likes it.

I’m doing okay if you don’t count the exhausted feeling I try to fight off every day. I am almost done my novel I am working on and I have an idea for the second one as well:) excited about that. Even though when I am done with the story line and all that I still have a lot more to do, it will be worth it….. I hope.

I’ve been trying to get the kids out of the house more but the weather hasn’t been cooperating so we have been stuck inside. I really hope the resin goes away soon.

Well the kids have closed themselves in their room so I have to rescue them.

Write more later.



Man oh man has it been a while since I posted anything. Almost 3 months! Crazy how time flies. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped posting but I kind of lost the urge to post anything at all. Hopefully I can change that soon.

Whats new??

Well Kairi is 10 months old. She is sitting up and crawling, she is even pulling up on things and cruising along. Pretty soon she will be walking. Kairi still wakes up 2 – 4 times a night which is killing me. She has started to eat solids during the day so one would think that she would’t need to nurse up to 4 times a night. It’s exhausting! Other then that she is a pretty happy baby.

Keira is still a spunky little 2.5 year old who is the queen of temper tantrums. lol. I am in the midst of attempting to potty train her but she isn’t really getting the whole pee on the potty thing. I can sit her on the potty ever 10 minutes and she will still have an accident within 2 minutes of her getting of the potty. Frustrating to say the least but I have to keep on it and hopefully one day she will just up and get it.

Kayrael gets more headstrong the older she gets. Stubborn would be an understatement for her. She knows how to play her father and give him that look that melts his heart and gets her way. lol. Hopefully if everything falls into place then she will be starting preschool in September and she is super excited. Every day she tells me she wants to go to school and that she is a big girl. She doesn’t quite get the concept of time and days yet, everything is now now now with her.

Stephen is finishing up grade 1 and he has done really well in school. His teachers say that he is ahead in his reading and math. HE still loves to give 1000 hugs a day and climb all over anyone who will let him and even some who don’t let him. I can’t believe he will be 7 in August.

Joshua is still my most emotional child. He can be happy one minute and upset and sad and miserable the next. He is also the most sensitive. Which can be tiring all on it’s own. He did great in school this year and like Stephen is ahead in his reading and math. Smart children of mine :)

I have to go out right now but I’ll be back to give more of an update :) In the meantime here is a recent picture of the kids.



Need motivation


So a couple things…

- I talked it over with Rob about my book and he reassured me that even though they may look like they are similar they aren’t really. Basically he pointed out facts in the book I am reading and compared them with other books and movies and he basically said that just because it has a common aspect in the book doesn’t mean that they are really that similar. I know it sounds confusing the way I am saying it here but good news is I am still going to write my novel.. When I ever get the time… lol.

-I have also sucked working out this month. My eating has been that great either. I think when I start to gain a pound or two I get discouraged, but the fact is that I am the one causing the weight gain by not working out and by not eating healthy. I really wish there was an easier way to lose weight. It’s hard work and I hate it! but I am tired of being this way and I need to just get my ass in gear. So bright and early tomorrow morning, that way I will get at least 1 hour of uninterrupted work out while the kids are sleeping. Hopefully Kairi gets the message and doesn’t wake up 10 minutes after I start the damn thing and want to nurse for the sake of nursing. 6:00 am here I come.

- My house is a disaster. I really did try and keep up, stupid laundry and dishes are non stop and I just can’t seem to want to do any of it. What with al 5 kids here this weekend and us going to visit some friends on Saturday it was kind of a busy weekend.. But I am home all day and I am hoping to at least get the dishes and the rest of the laundry done… Wish me luck I suppose.

And here ends my blog as Kairi has now started crying… Feeding time….

Novel similarities..


So I am currently reading a series, there are about maybe 12 novels in it so far. Each book isn’t to long so it isn’t hard to get through them and they are more geared to the teens or young adult and I don’t know if I still qualify as young. lol

In reading that series and also trying to write my own novel, which by the way both are the same type of genre. It has come to my attention (no one pointed it out I just started to see it) that there are similarities to my novel and the series I am writing. Some of them are very obvious and some are not, but with everything that is similar it is also very different, I am unsure of what to do at this time and I haven’t talked to rob about it yet, but I plan to tonight. I’m wondering what to do, because I never intentionally tried to copy this series or have to many similarities. Maybe I did it without even knowing it, who knows. There are things in my book that I wrote about even before reading it, so I guess that makes me feel a little better that two people can have similar ideas but use them differently.

I’m still struggling with the fact that I have been writing this so called novel for maybe 3 years now and I may have to change a whole bunch of crap or stop it all together. Who knows I may just write it and get a friend of mine to read it who has also read the house of night series and see what she has to say.

I do have another novel idea floating around but for all I know that idea was copied from someone else who is already published.

Blah.. thats how I feel… and I little disappointed.

Well hopefully I can resolve this soon and figure out where to go from here….