Foreign Language

I’m pretty damn sure that I speak a foreign language that my kids can’t even begin to understand. I speak, there are words coming out of my mouth and I know that they can hear me because they are staring right at me but they just stare blankly at me like they have no idea what the hell I am saying. 

It is so frustrating becuase by this time in my mommy carreer I should have it pretty much figured out, I should at least know how to get my kids to understand the damn words that keep coming out of my mouth. Becuase of their lack of understanding of the things that I say, the volume in which I say it gets louder until for some un known reason they finally understand me. By that time though I am no longer saying it nicely or calmly and I’m sure if it were possible steam would be coming out of my ears. 

I know I am probably not the only one who speaks in this foreign momlanguage, I’m hoping one day that I will stumble across an article or blog post that will reveal the magical secret that helps in the whole translation thing. Maybe one day. Hopefully before all my kids are grown up that is. lol.

Kids Wisdom

Yesterday at dinner Rob and I were arguing about something and kayrael said ” mom, dad stop, you guys need to stick together and be friends…” Or something close to that, I can never remember exactly what my kids say when I actually want to write about it. But it made Rob and I stop arguing and look at each other that’s for sure. 

Crazy how kids are some times and they really do say the darnedest things sometimes.

Random ramblings. 

Sometimes it feels like people don’t want to see you succeed or accomplish the things you want to do. I know that I’m the only one in charge of succeeding or accomplishing the things I want to, but sometimes what people say or do or don’t do make you just want to not do it at all. 

Sometimes it can feel like a punch in the gut. They may think they are just trying to help but sometimes it has the opposite effect then what they are intending. 

Very vague post I know but it is why it is and I guess just proving them wrong is one way to not feel like I’m being punched in the gut. 

Modesty and Nakedness 

My children love to be in just their underwear, even more then they love being in their underwear they love being naked. I don’t even know why, but as soon as they get naked the run around like they have been freed from some kind of shackles made of their clothing. 

They also are not embarrassed to fart in public either, in fact they laugh and think it is the funniest thing. Even my 8 year old still doesn’t get embarrassed but then again he is a boy. 

I know when they are adults they will understand modesty and all that good stuff but when will it kick in. And why does it kick in. Is it because we teach them it isn’t acceptable to be naked all the time. I mean I know why you can’t be naked all the time because it’s illegal to go out with no clothes on. So is that the only reason people start to feel embarrassed or ashamed, because that’s what we teach them? If we didn’t teach them that would they not feel embarrassed or ashamed? 



Things I have said today that really shouldn’t have needed to be said…

– get off your sister.

– get off the counter.

– don’t like my face. 

– get your hands out of your pants. 

– put some clothes on. 

And I’m sure there was many many more that should just be common sense, but to a 4, 3 and 20 month old, well let’s just say I repeat those things constantly…. 

Oh the life of a mother:) 

Yaaaa it’s Friday!! Oh wait… 

Woot Woot it’s Friday!!! Oh wait….. I’m a mom so it’s not at all the same. My kids don’t know the days of the week and what a Saturday morning is supposed to be like. Nope they still wake up at 6:30-7:00 on Saturday and Sunday, so even if I were to do something crazy like stay up late I would essentially be punishing my self the next day. I’m not down for that. 

So Ya for it being just another regular day. 

don’t worry I’m not murdering my kids. 

If you hear two kids screaming at the top of their lungs like they are being murdered, please don’t pay any attention to it as I’m just simply putting my kids to bed. That’s it nothing more. I’m not harming them or neglecting them in any way other then putting them to bed. What’s even funnier is the fact that they have to take a break from their crying temper tantrums to yawn. 

Why isn’t this easier?!? 

Oh and apparently I’m the meanest mom ever. 

I really am surprised someone hasn’t called CPS on me for the amount of screaming that goes on in this bedroom at night, and you know what I would simply show the CPS worker what was going and and allow them to witness the self induced temper tantrums and tell them that if they wanted to they could put the children to bed themselves… 

My husband on the other hand has no problem putting the kids to bed. 20 minutes tops and no tantrums. All he has to do is sit in the bedroom, me, their mother is simply not cut out for this part of their day. I’m ruining lives for sure. 

Oh boy….

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