Baby Kinsley 

It has been 6 weeks since we welcomed our 6th and last child into this world. On January 29th Kinsley was born at 8:23 in the morning, weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces. Our largest baby yet :) The c-section went pretty well, no complications on that part but I got sick on the operating table when they were clipping my tubes. I have gotten sick one other time when I was having a c-section so I knew it was a possibility but this was bad. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t stop getting sick. Thankfully the lovely anesthesiologist gave me some meds that stopped me from getting sick. Other then that everything went really well. 

The pain was very minimal when I was in the hospital and even after we left I didn’t have to take a lot of pain meds the weeks after. If I pushed myself too hard then I would need some of what they perscribed but other then that I stopped taking the meds by day 4. The bleeding slowed down by 2.5 weeks and by 3.5 weeks it had stopped. By far this has been the easiest recovery after a c-section I have ever had and I am so happy about that. Especially since I had 4 small children to take care of.

My husband has been so great and I have been enjoying him being home and helping out with the kids and spending time with not only me but getting to spend time as a family. 

Kinsley is now 6 weeks old and is a pretty laid back baby, up until a few days ago she slept pretty well at night and really only woke up to eat and then I could lay her back down in the bassinet with no fuss. She still sleeps a lot during the day and is only now starting to be more aware and give us a smile, a real smile, not one of those fake gassy smiles. I’m pretty sure she is going through a growth spurt becuase all she wants to do at night is eat and on top of that she just can’t seem to settle. I am hoping it doesn’t last much longer but even with this small issue she is a pretty easy baby, she doesn’t cry a lot and as long as she is fed and warm she is content to just be in her swing while Rob and I deal with the other children. 90% of the time though she is in either my arms or robs arms. Life is good:) 

Like I said earlier I got my tubes clipped and I can no longer get pregnant. I feel very relieved by this knowledge that I can’t have anymore kids. 6 kids is a lot of kids. I mean I never saw myself as someone who would have this many kids but now that I have every single one of them I couldn’t imagine my life without any one of them. I feel like my family is complete…. Now if you were to ask Rob anything about this he is convinced that I am going to get pregnant again, when I tell him that I am never getting pregnant again he of course says never say never. He would be very happy to have a bunch of more children and well I am happy just to be done. We can now move on to the next stage of our lives and I can eventually get my body back to where no child is dependant on me in that sort of way were my body helps them grow and live. 

Now having said all that I will share some photos of Kinsley and my lovely little family. 

Kinsley is a couple hours old. 

Here she is at 6 weeks old.

And finally a picture of all six kids together.

Well that is all for now. Time to go and relax before she wakes up to cluster feed for the night. :) 

Date and other things

January 29th 2015 is the day we will be having another baby. Unless this baby has another plan like Kairi did but I’m hopeful that this baby will hold out until it’s scheduled c-section date. I’m really nervous this time, perhaps because this is my 5th c-section and I know exactly what is going to happen. I know exactly what needle is going to go in where and how much it’s going to hurt. I know how bad recovery can be and I know how it can feel when the staples are in. Everything hurts.

I remember when I was healing with Keira and it was horrible, I couldn’t even get out of the shower by myself. I am worried that that will happen again and really there is nothing I can do about it. The only saving grace I have is that Rob will be taking enough time off work to let me heal. I don’t know if I could manage without him.

On other news….

My iPhone is currently sent away to apple getting repairs or they are sending me a new one.. Not to sure but hopefully I will get a phone back next week or even this weekend. When I get my phone back my children are not going to touch it at all and I’m putting my case back on it. Damn kids, even when I put it up high they still manage to get their little hands on it.

I’m on my last chapter to the novel I am working on. It still needs a lot of work with editing and rewriting it but the first rough rough rough draft is almost done. Now if life would just stop getting in the way I could finish it. I also have ideas and twists for the second book :) who knows how many I will attempt to write or how it will even end… I’m just hoping that I figure it out before I’m old and grey. Lol.

The kids all just got over being sick, minus Kairi as she still has a runny nose but they are all well enough to go trick or treating! I’m really excited, we will be taking them to the mall in the afternoon and then I will hopefully take the two older girls trick or treating around the neighbourhood after dinner. I will be leaving Kairi home for that little trip since she is only one and won’t really get the whole idea. The girls on the other hand have been practicing going trick or treating in the house. They will take their pillow cases off their pillows and use those as bags and hold them up randomly around the house and say “trick or treat”. It’s pretty cute.

Well speaking of children I need to go tend to my three…. I also have some stuff that needs to get done before the boys come home today. Fun times.


Ultrasound day!

20 weeks 1 day and my ultrasound day has finally arrived. Normal scan to see if the baby is developing and hopefully to find out the sex of the baby as well.

Although we won’t find out until I talk to my doctor later this week.

Rob really wants a boy, so here’s hoping that after 3 girls together that he finally gets his wish.

I am not really particular, although the more I think about it the more I worry about 4 girls reaching the age of the teen years…. Kind of scary….

Post later when I have an update:)

Back to school :)

Finally the BC teachers strike is over and the kids went back to school today:) The kids are excited and so am I. Most likely a lot of parents are happy:)

School was supposed to start on September 2nd and it’s now the 22nd. It was crazy.

But now all is good and well and the kids are back in school.

Joshua is starting grade 3!!!


Stephen is starting grade 2!


I just can’t believe that they are starting another year. On the plus side they both were put in classes with the same teachers. Last year they were in the lower grades of their split classes and now they are on the higher grade in that split class.

I’m glad they got the same teachers, it will make the year much easier for them already having dealt with that teacher. I always hated getting a new teacher so I think this will help them have an easier transition into their new grades.

Gotta run and change the laundry:)

Bedtimes suck!

Yup they sure do! I can think of a 1000 different things I would rather do then put my 2 and 3 year old to sleep. They don’t listen, they constantly get out of bed, they talk non stop I’m pretty sure I say lay down and be quiet at least 20 times in the span of 45 minutes.

Bedtime for the girls can last anywhere from 30 minutes to almost 2 hours. How I don’t end up taping them to the bed is beyond me.

It’s funny cause I posted it on Facebook not to long ago about my bedtime issues and someone said that if I am just consistent that it should only last a couple days… I kindly informed her that it has been going on like this for months and months.

We have a routine for bedtime during that bedtime routine they get to watch a show or two of tv, which can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour and when one person found out we let them watch tv they said that letting them watch tv before bed can actually stimulate them…. That was coming from a person who sings to her kids until they fall asleep….

Funny thing is I tried the no tv thing for a bit and it didn’t change the actual bedtime issue, it just brought the stalling and arguing and crying up by 30 minutes, which by the way made everyone 10 times more frustrated. So the tv came back on and for at least 30 minutes there is peace.

That is until I do the unthinkable and turn the tv off and make them lay down. All of the sudden they don’t have all their stuffed animals or their sippy cups aren’t the right temperature, they didn’t get enough hugs and kisses and everyone has to go pee even though when they sit on the potty nothing happens. Another great stall tactic because I have a hard time telling them no they don’t need to use the bathroom because what if they really need to go and I am denying them of that, I hate going to bed feeling like I need to pee. So I cave on that. Makes me mad.

I’m not exactly sure how I am going to be able to spend 1 – 2 hours a night making sure they go to bed when I have a newborn to deal with. Here is just hoping that my lovely husband doesn’t get to many night shifts after the baby is born….

The odd thing is the girls will be talking and fighting sleep and arguing with me until that moment when it gets really quiet. That moment is when they have fallen asleep. There is no middle ground. It literally goes from them talking and trying to not go to sleep to all of a sudden they have passed out.

It’s crazy but that silence and listening to them breath just takes 90% of the frustration away. It’s a peaceful sound listening to your kids breath at night. It takes a long time to get to that part but when it happens it’s like for the moments that I sit in their room after they fall asleep nothing else matters. Not the arguing or the talking back or the not listening. All that matters is that they are there.

Still doesn’t mean that bedtimes get any easier…. Cause I hate bedtimes. They are the worst of all the times. Even worse then midnight feeds from a one year old….

Just need to wait a couple years and hopefully it won’t be so bad. Hopefully…..

Breasts and breastfeeding.

Why have I been hearing more and more stories of people kicking women out for breastfeeding? I think last month or the month before my Facebook feed was filled with stories of women having breastfeeding sit ins because someone had asked them to cover up or leave.

How is it that in this day and age where scantily clad women and barely there t-shirts are the norm but a women breastfeeding her baby ends up on the news with other women having a sit in and making more of a spectacle of it.

How is this acceptable for people to see

ngbbs46cca404408eb s-CHRISTINA-HENDRICKS-WEIGHT-large300

But when a women does this in public all hell breaks loose

breastfeeding-motherhoodcenter-breastfeeding-class-myths-breastfeeding-myths-lactation h-BREASTFEEDING-348x516

One picture shows a little more breast then the other but in no way are they showing any more then the pictures above.

So why are people so offended when a women is doing what comes natural.

Now I am not saying that everyone is discreet when they are breastfeeding in public, some women will just whip it out for the world to see and I can see how that would make some people uncomfortable but at the same time they are whipping it out for one reason and one reason only. To feed their hungry child. END OF STORY. Whether they use a cover, show a little or even show a lot I really don’t see the uproar of breastfeeding.

So why are people more comfortable seeing half naked women, showing a whole lot of cleavage but a women breastfeeding makes people uncomfortable?

Why are women proud to wear bathing suits that barely cover the naked parts but women can feel shame for breastfeeding in public?

i don’t think I will ever really understand.

Monkey Children

Yup that’s what my children are. Monkeys. Not regular monkeys, nope, sneaky little monkeys.

My husband brought home a bunch of bananas last night and usually they last us maybe 4 days. Not this time. I thought my kids were playing nicely in the bedroom, 10 minutes before when I checked on them they were playing with their little princess people and their princess castle.
Next thing I know Kay comes out and says they had bananas. I was thinking maybe one or two bananas but seriously they ate the whole bunch!

Sneaky little monkeys.


That’s all that’s left.
Man oh man.
I swear I don’t neglect my kids they really are just so damn sneaky and in the blink of an eye they get into crazy things.

Speaking of I have to go and stop my daughter from ripping all the movies off the shelf.

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